Hidden San Francisco: Virtual Tour

In February 2020, Pluto Press published Hidden San Francisco: A Guide to Lost Landscapes, Unsung Heroes, and Radical Histories by Chris Carlsson. These videos are the first releases of a “baker’s dozen” of “stops” (there are 85 “stops” in four themed chapters, and another 44 “stops” in an appendix of five walking tours) turned into short videos. I hope it will whet your appetite both for buying the book, but more importantly for going out into San Francisco and peeling back the layers of history to understand how the hell our city turned out like this!

I will be posting a new entry each Monday and Thursday through July and into August 2020 until all 13-15 are available here.

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Lots more information here and here.

For more details on the rotten conditions of sailors in the 19th century, we just added a new page at Foundsf.org about their self-documenting project, the “Red Record,” where legal claims made against the violence of captains and first mates were brought to court in San Francisco. Check it out here.